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Electric Market

The electric market is the scope where the short, medium and long term transactions are performed between participants, for the buying and selling of energy and/or power.

In other words, is a market, that just like others, works balancing the supply and demand. However, the electric market has a complication: it cannot store inventories to sell them later when the demand is low and it should supply energy to the whole country the 24 hours of the day, and the 365 days of the year.

The panamanian electric market is very young, it got started in 1999 when the Law 6 of February 6, 1997 came into force, by which it dictates the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for the Electricity Public Service.

That's why, the electric market is based in the generating companies competition, and has as objective to increase the quality of the supply, the improvement of the environment and to make the prices to auto regulate in a free market.

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